TESOL - Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages
National English

American Culture U.K. TESOL offers a fully accredited 150+ hour TESOL certificate course with a high quality academic content which is not only respected by employers, but which also provides the perfect platform from which to begin a career in teaching English in Turkey, or any other country in the world where English is not the native language.

American Culture U.K.’s TESOL certificate program is accredited by Harvard Publishers and Qualifications. Upon successful completion of the course, trainees receive two certificates. The course implements a continual assessment system in order to provide maximum feedback and ongoing guidance.

In-Service Trainings
National English

National English places great importance on in-service training. We offer in-service training to the schools that use our materials, on a number of topics such as "The Implementation of the European Language Portfolio", "English Classroom Games", "Creative Drama" etc.

National English uses the latest technology to deliver the in-service trainings via video conferencing. A "Smart Box", which turns an ordinary TV into a smart one, is sent to the institution. This box then enables teachers to participate in live in-service trainings.

Each institution can request in-service trainings on topics relevant to their specific needs. The school administration and the National English Training Department then set a date for the training. On the designated day, the participants gather in the school’s Seminar Hall or Teachers’ Room. The trainer then delivers the training event from the live broadcast room, connecting to the participants with the help of the ‘Smart Box.’

With the help of this system, the institutions working with National English can demand limitless in-service trainings.

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